17 July

Down through the years I have noticed myself slowly but surely getting darker and deeper into the world of Gothic-ness.

 From skulls, sugar skulls, under-the-skin effects to vampires, creating has never been more fun.

I was never really interested in this type of make-up professionally until I started following self thought Makeup Artist Marie Misfit and seen the works of Artist April Johnson. From there I was intrigued. I decided to pursue the Idea when one of my idols Alex Box did a beautiful Royal Blue sugar skull I was then curious more than anything after that as it wasn’t a topic I had studied in college or even had in my head.

 However its not just a beauty project, goth is all over fashion with nearly every shop we set foot in showcasing glitter skull jumpers, leather cut off pants and crucifix all over the jewellery section. I, like most fashion lovers am very happy at how available it is and want to keep up with this trend for as long as possible.

But It can have its downfalls, that is if you hail from somewhere like Sligo like myself.  I thank the lord I’m not near self conscious, as getting evil looks of horror from the ‘old folk’ or a forward giggle from the general non-adventurous people for wearing black leggings with bold white crosses on them and a peek cap to match can be daunting to the most confident of us.

 That brings me to the subject of the old school goths and how I admire their individuality and not-giving-a-f*ck attitude… THEY ARE THE INSPIRATION for this wonderful and Massive fashion trend. The black lips and pale skin tone is more wonderful than ever. The closest I ever got to goth was Black hair and purple lips in 3rd year of secondary school and I got slagged for having different colour lips than the rest of them so I stopped wearing it, Like a fool.

If you love your deep, dark gothic colours then show it and wear them proud with the attitude your chosen lip colour deserves, throw up that finger to the haters!!

 I have loads of up and coming projects that will explore my curiosity further for this type of Make-up so stay tuned!

 With big love for the dark side,