24 July

Those of you who follow my work know that I have always loved to incorporate a little sparkle into my pieces.

As much as I love glitter I always thought it was the route to all evil, I would waste valuable time trying to remove it from places I didn’t want it to be with sticky tape. That was until I came across a two step miracle product: Cinema Secrets Hollywood Lights & Tacky adhesive to secure your sparkles!!


Hollywood Lights come in 30 various colours with some Movie inspired names such as Oscar, Silver Screen, Marilyn and Garbo. The collection ranges from Shimmering Mineral powders, Glitz colours and Shimmering Mineral powders mixed with glitz so there is something to suit everyone.

There are so many ways to apply this product that all work. You can apply the tacky adhesive straight to the desired area and press the Hollywood lights glitz over it, layering it with a sable brush (the tacky will not damage your brushes) leave to dry for 30 seconds and apply another layer of tacky over the area to seal the deal. I personally prefer to mix both products on a pallet with a spatula before application with a brush and then apply the tacky adhesive over what I have just done to secure the glitz in place.

(Below on Hana I have used Maliblue)


When using eyeshadow, creams etc. as part of your design on the eye it is best to do your shadow and blending first as it is a much cleaner process.

(Below on Emma-Jane I have used Oscar and Ruby Slippers mixed together)


I also like to add a little shimmer to the lipgloss or lightly dust it over lipstick to add a little drama to the look and apply a layer of gloss over it.

(Below Norah Wear’s Ruby Slippers)


Hollywood lights is a beautiful product that can add a light shimmer to the lips, add full on drama to the eyes or can be used to enhance a body paint.

(Here I have used Silver Screen to add dimension to the black paint)


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