The Pianist – “Entwined Melody”
Ranked 1st Place at the Irish Body painting Championships – Face-painting category

Photographer: Steve Burke
Model: Sarah Burns
Hair: Barry Finnegan,
Makeup: MAMU – Michelle Anderson Makeup

The theme for the face painting category for the championships was ‘Music of the mind’ I was inspired by my long term idols Tim Burton, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen for this piece. I wanted to convey a warped and dark interpretation of the classical keyboard and music itself, I got together a fantastic team Barry Finnegan (Morganb hair) who has over 26 years of creative hair experience, Ireland’s top Art-nude/Burlesque Model Sarah Burns and Steve Burke Photography whom I have worked alongside creatively for five years to discuss my visions for the Championships with them. I trusted their abilities to allow their own creative free range and I couldn’t have been happier with their input, In fact it drove me to be better on the day of my first ever competition. Being the only competitor expressing a dark side to the theme, I felt I would be at a loss but it was by far a failure as the judges liked the deep shaded idea behind my creation.