15 July

I have always been an emotional soul. My joy is other people’s joy, when they are happy I am happy and when they are sad I am sad.

Being a makeup Artist helps me filter so many of my emotions through avant-garde, fantasy and being creative. Some of my best work has been the outcome of some of my deepest pain, now I’m not saying I have a bad life, I am blessed to have such a beautiful one but I am a 20 something year old woman growing up in a mad world and sometimes I just need to see my emotions being painted in front of me before I can move on to the next adventure that lies ahead of me. I look back at some of my past work now and with a bit of research have realised that my subconscious was drawing messages that I was unaware of, I sound like a whack but really, the power of art and a creative mind combined are to me, phenomenal.

My newest piece of work which is yet to be named was derived from ‘Tears For The Unforgotten’. After I had that piece finished I felt I had a little negativity stored up inside me that i wanted to get rid off so I got some mesh wrapped it around my ‘Tears For The Unforgotten’ piece, took out some 10 plus brushes and painted the angst right out of me. It’s a big abstract art mess but when I look at it I see freedom and forgiveness. As the images go up one by one you will see where I am coming from… I hope!

And this is where I want to start thanking people for simply being the artists they themselves are to allow me to just be, they put their trust in me without little or no information of where my mind will go on set yet no matter the outcome they make my work come alive. All the Photographers, Models, Hair stylists, Fashion & Beauty editors, Directors and Designers but especially those with whom I work so closely. I can’t thank you enough.

I love making a client feel amazing by accentuating their natural beauty and I would be lying if I said it was a selfless act because it also makes my heart warm when I see how appreciative and satisfied they are of my work be it for a bride, a debutant, someone who just needs that little pick me up, anyone. I am so passionate about what I do and I am so grateful for the people who keep me going.

I hope my new website www.michelleandersonmakeup.com brings my love of makeup artistry to a wider audience, I want to share my passion with everyone through the World Wide Web and help with any enquiries you may have about makeup of all sorts.

I am by far so blessed to have stumbled onto this career path as it has taken me to places within my imagination and in life I never knew possible.